Mayor Lerner's Miami Herald Op/Ed: "Floridians support the Clean Power Plan"

Late last year, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi joined a lawsuit suing the EPA to stop the Clean Power Plan (CPP) from being enacted. Since then, the Supreme Court has issued a stay on implementation of the plan that would place the nation’s first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Bondi claims it’s what the people of Florida want, yet the numbers prove the contrary.


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Daily Business Review: "Court Rejects State Order for Two More Nuclear Units at Turkey Point"

Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner said the city spent about $250,000 since 2009 to propose an alternate corridor. Engineers recommended the utility upgrade its infrastructure and bury portions of the transmission system instead of undertaking a new project running through multiple cities along U.S. 1.

"Had they prevailed, the adverse impact on U.S. 1, which is the gateway to all our cities and the commercial corridor, would have depressed commercial and residential markets," Lerner said after the Third DCA ruling.

The mayor was part of a delegation that flew to Tallahassee for a hearing on FPL's site certification application and returned disappointed.

"There was absolutely no discussion among the members of the Cabinet on the issue. It was simply rubber-stamped, as the governor seems to do with anything the utility companies request. I was shocked. I was horrified. The issues that were to be resolved were deserving of a lot more discussion than was given by the Cabinet," Lerner said. "I always knew we had the law on our side, and we had a much higher likelihood of prevailing in the courts than before the siting board, which was clearly politically motivated and incredibly cursory."


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Mayor Lerner Article in Time Magazine: "Cities Are the Front Lines for Action on Climate Change"

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Jackie Biskupski and Cindy Lerner | April 6, 2016

When it comes to confronting the challenge of climate change, cities are on the front lines.

From rising seas submerging coastal property to precipitation changes in the desert, climate impacts are here—and undeniably local. Climate change may have once been the ultimate slow-moving and global threat, but our residents and our critical infrastructure are already feeling its effects. The threats to our economies are serious enough that the risks of continued inaction can no longer be ignored.

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Mayor Lerner Featured in Newsweek Article on South Florida Sea Level Rise

“We are working in isolation,” says Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner. “We are the first responders. We have to plan for and protect our citizens. You can’t wait for the cavalry to come in. We are it. Rubio is useless. He’s a denier.” 

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Collaboration and communication are critical needs in reaching Miami Dade County’s Resiliency Goals

As the projections for sea level rise and extreme weather events become more of a certainty, elected officials in local government are responsible to our residents and businesses to assure that we appropriately plan for and build a safety network. In Florida, we have equipped ourselves and made sure our residents are prepared against a potential hurricane, but we must now prepare for additional extreme weather events such as inundation, as well as the more recently recognized threats of sea level rise and storm surge.  The thirty four cities comprising Miami-Dade County each have their own responsibilities and share many emergency plans and preparations approaches with the County.

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